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Kathleen Milner's Schedule of classes & demonstrations -

Aldie, Virginia
Sunday, April 12
Gum Spring Library, Loudoun County Library System
I will be a human 'book' as part of the National Library Week celebration.

Sterling, Virginia 
Contact Kathleen Milner  
Clearings, healings and readings given on a donations-are-accepted basis. 

Wednesday, April 29:  Cosmic-Gold Tera-Mai Reiki One initiation and New Clearings. 
                $150 for first timers.  Donations-are-accepted for those repeating. 
Thursday, April 30:  Tera-Mai Egyptian Archetypal initiations (Includes YOD & VEIL of ISIS) 
                $600 for first timers. 
Friday, May 1:  Tera-Mai Seichem One 
                $200 for first timers. 
Saturday, May 2:  Tera-Mai Reiki Two 
                $200 for first timers
Saturday, May 9:  Learn how to give Tera-Mai Egyptian-Archetypal Energy attunements
                Pre-requisite:  Tera-Mai Seichem Mastership

Phoenix, Arizona
I'll rent a small conference room.
Let me know what you're interested in. 
Call 703-342-7148
May 18, 19 & 20
May 25, 26 & 27

Sterling, VA 
Tera Mai Reiki Mastership
Prerequisite: Reiki I & II
Call 571-926-8158 
June 9 & 10

New York City
Talkers Magazine Conference
Friday, June 12:  Readings and Healings
Kenilworth, England (Near Birmingham, England)
Contact Karina Hall  

Wednesday, June 24:  
            Tera-Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energy attunements (includes VEIL of ISIS initiation) 
Those who were initiated into the Egyptian Cartouche by a qualified Tera-Mai Seichem master may be cleared & initiated into the Tera-Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energy attunements for 200 pounds.
Thursday, June 25:  
            Initiation Day
            Tera-Mai Reiki IV, V, VI & VII
            Tera-Mai Seichem IV, V, VI & VII
            Cahokia One - Thirteen
            Heart Chakra initiation
Friday, June 26:  
            Learn to pass on Tera-Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energy attunements
            Pre-requisite:  Tera-Mai Seichem masters who've received Tera-Mai Egyptian Archetypal Energy attunements.
            Students will be able to pass on the initiations but not teach others how to do the initiations.
            Students will take an oath to God, promising to abide by the standards.
Saturday, June 27 & Sunday, June 28:
            Two-Day Shamanic Class
Monday, June 29:
            Shamanic IV           
            Connection to Emerald Green
            Ancient initiation at wrists, thumbs and forefingers
            Practice healing techniques of looking into the physical body and watching God's Angels working.

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