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1.  Tera Mai initiations are standardized:   That is, all Tera Mai initiations are given in exactly the same way so that everyone receives the same Universal Healing Energy If the source is changed, then the energy changes.  That is a law of physics.  

2.  Tera Mai initiations are NOT to be mixed with manmade initiations or incorporated into a different system where other Reiki, other Seichem or manmade initiations are given or received.   

3.  The Tera Mai Master  (teacher and initiator) has received the Tera Mai initiations under the same conditions, and so on, back to Kathleen Milner.

4.  It goes without saying that to be clearly connected to the energies of Tera Mai, Tera Mai initiates should strive for integrity and honesty.

Kathleen Milner freely and openly shares her trademark only with properly attuned Tera Mai initiates who are abiding by above Tera Mai standards. 

Making sense out of Buddha's Tera Mai Standards   

            The stories in Genesis tell us about the consequences of our actions.  These stories are derived from ancient Egyptian stories, which were derived from stories told by societies that came before Egypt.

            In the story of 'Adam and Eve,' God's only commandment to them was not to eat the apples from a particular tree.  Even today, it doesn't make much sense.   However, when they defied God's commandment, God and His Angels threw them out of Paradise.  

            When I had a consciousness-raising experience with Buddha, he gave me initiations (Tera Mai initiations) that work.  He also gave me standards for Tera Mai initiations.  And when I found out that it was Buddha who gave me Tera Mai initiations, he told me NOT to tell people that it was him because he did not want these initiations called Buddha Reiki.  He said that these initiations and 'Buddha's Tera Mai Standards' come from The Higher Source.  

            So as Adam and Eve lost Paradise; so too, those who think that they do not have to abide by Buddha's Tera Mai standards will at some point completely lose the energies and initiations of Tera Mai.

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Tera Mai Initiations are Evolving Upwards and Onwards into the Golden Age

When I had my first consciousness-raising experience with Buddha and he told me what was expected of Tera Mai initiates (BUDDHA'S TERA MAI STANDARDS) , I knew that this would not be easy.  I did not comprehend how difficult it would be.  For example, how many lies would be told about me, how many temptations would be offered to me, et cetera.  

In December 2013, Ramona Kirk was shown that God's Healing Energy was going directly into the Tera Mai initiations and Tera Mai initiates.  A few days later, Maria Kopsidas pulled a HUMONGOUS yolk off of my shoulders.  I knew what was happening and was GREATLY relieved.  

That is, Tera Mai initiations no longer come from God, through Buddha, and then through me (the energies of my natal astrology chart)  to Tera Mai initiates.   Now, the healing initiations of Tera Mai now come directly from God into Tera Mai. 

This is GOOD news for Tera Mai initiates!  
             If you have been properly attuned to Tera Mai by someone's whose lineage is clear; that is, they and those in their lineage are abiding by Buddha's Tera Mai standards , and you have been abiding by Buddha's Tera Mai standards  and doing your best to live your life with honesty and compassion, you  do not have to be re-initiated when somebody in your lineage 'mucks up.'  However, if any of the above is NOT true then it is highly advisable for you to be re-initiated into whatever Tera Mai initiations you have received, IF you want to channel the full healing powers of Universal Healing from Source, which Tera Mai initiations offer.

            It also means that you are responsible for growing the possibilities that each of the Tera Mai initiations bring through activities like meditation, good deeds, healing yourself, working with the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing and taking the next step (whatever that might be).   For example, I seriously believe that Universal Healing Energies from Source helped the pyramid builders.  (NOBDOY has been able to build a pyramid using the left-brained, logic reasoning 'authorities' provide.  If you do not believe me, try it for yourself.  I can guarantee that you will not get very far.)


What are Buddha's Tera Mai Standards?