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Since August 2008, on every Wednesday night, whenever the hour is eight o'clock in the time zone that they are in, millions of people around the globe participate in the Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.     Its popularity may be due to the fact that it works, and people may do whatever spiritual practice or prayer they want to do.  People pray for themselves, loved ones, Earth, et cetera.  Women tell me that they or their mothers are on their knees praying the rosary.  One woman plays Tibetan bowls, and groups of Tibetan monks join us by chanting mantras.  Others meditate or hold the energy, or send healing or ask the Angels to clear the darkness off this planet. 

HOW TO PARTICIPATE:  On Wednesdays, at 8:00 pm (20:00 hours), ask, 'Angels, please connect me to the Tera Mai healers who are doing the clearings.'   Spend five or ten minutes, or the whole hour. 

IF 8:00 PM DOES NOT WORK OUT:  Simply begin at the top of any hour on Wednesday, and ask the angels, 'Angels, please connect me to wherever the hour is 8:00 PM on Earth and to the Tera Mai healers who are doing the clearings.'     

Or before going to sleep on Wednesday night:   Repeat the above phrase and ask the angels to heal you throughout the night.   

When you are finished:  'Thank you, Angels, and please continue bringing love and healing to me, to those I love and to this world through to the next Wednesday night clearing.'

DURING THE WEEK:  Because this has been ongoing for years, an energy wave of healing, clearing and love circles around and through the planet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  So, anytime during the week, people may connect to this wave by asking,  'Angels, please connect me to the Wednesday Night Clearing Wave and to the Tera Mai healers who are doing the clearings.' 

There are many ways to participate:  For example, ask that the warmth of God / Goddess' healing love flow through you, into your life and into the world.  Or:

1.  Send righteous anger to God, and ask God to do something.  Ask the Angels to take your outrageous anger down to the central fire for transformation. 

2.  Ask the Angels to reveal the Amethyst Light of Truth, and then watch the Angels work. 

3.  Draw and give symbols to the Angels and ask them to help you:  HEART OF THE GODDESS, CHO KU RAYS & VIOLET FLAME work well together.  Also, AS ABOVE SO BELOW and DIAMOND of The GODDESS help to manifest Heaven on Earth.  http://www.kathleenmilner.com/tera_mai_symbols.html 

4.  There are prayers on my website.    Each is powerful in its own way.  The prayer, Heaven Father, and the adapted prayer , Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother, have healed people.  http://www.kathleenmilner.com/prayers.html 

5.  If you are in need of protection, you may want to try the Seamless Golden Bubble of Heavenly Protection.  http://www.kathleenmilner.com/golden-bubble.html

6.  There are clearings on http://www.kathleenmilner.com/clearings.htm

7.  Saint Michael the Archangel and his legions of Angels may be called upon to cut blockages, cords, chains, darkness, etc.
8.  Under TERA MAI SYMBOLS there are  symbols for clearing (BLUE STAR, HOSANNA, JOREI) and IAVA for healing the Earth.  http://www.kathleenmilner.com/tera_mai_symbols.html

9.  Ask the Angels to clear genetic engineering and demonic imprinting out of plants, animals, the soil, the water, the air, and everything on the planet.  

10.  Ask the Angels to please remove any and all black or demonic DNA, RNA, imprinting, energy and residue from this world.  Then ask the Angels to remove your DNA, imprinting, energy and residue from anyone or anything that is  in the pursuit of evil.

11.  When something is released a void is left behind.  It is important to fill in the voids.  This may be done easily by simply asking God's Angels to do so.  Or if you see or feel that a certain color or energy is required, ask the Angels to fill in voids with cobalt blue cleanings, gold purification, pink love from The Heart of The Goddess, Violet Flames of Transformation,   Amethyst Light of Truth,  or justice, compassion, prosperity, generosity, et cetera. 

12.  When we remember to give thanks, we leave the door open so that more might be given to us.  The strongest force in all of this universe is love; the second strongest is gratitude.

13.  Forgiveness:  When we forgive ourselves and others, we cease to become an open target for negativity.   

Ramona Kirk was given a simple clearing that healers might do after healing sessions.  This is also something people might do when they are releasing negativity:  Stand upon the grass or ground (cement does not count).  Call upon our Heavenly Father and Mother.  "Please release any and all negativity that is on, in, above, below, within or without, or being sent to me.  Send it into the ground for transformation.  And fill me with Your Golden Light."  An angelic shower bathes you!  It, too, works!


Dymphna Keegan of Ireland told me that one Thursday, she thought it was Wednesday.  At eight o'clock, she settled down to do the Wednesday Night Clearing.  As soon as she got into a meditative state, she saw a MASSIVELY HUGE column of Light going straight up to God.  When Dymphna asked what it was, the Angels told her that the Light was all of the prayers from last night's Wednesday Night 8:00 PM Clearing.